Book Your Escape Room Adventure

Our rates

Per Person – $27

Per Room (Groups of up to 8 people) – $200

* To ensure that nobody outside of your group plays with you, you have to book the room...


We are excited for you to experience one of our Escape Rooms! Here are some tips to make booking your visit easier.

  1. Click on the date, time, and room that you would like to play.

  2. Choose "new booking" and how many people that you will be paying for at that time.

    • Up to 8 people can play one room during each time slot.
    • If a group smaller than 8 people has already booked a room, the remainder of the spots can still be booked by another group.
    • If you have 8 players, it is cheaper to book a private room. If you only want your group to play together with no other parties, then you will need to book a private room.
  3. If you have a discount code, enter that code in for each person, if applicable.

  4. Enter in your info and click "Complete Booking."

  5. You should get a confirmation email soon!