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Museum of Legends

Garret and Jenna Carruth - Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Randy, the security guard, popped his head into your office. You look up from your research and address the interruption. You two are the last ones at the Museum of Legends, and you’ve been looking into just how precious the museum's artifacts are.

“I need to go home early, my daughter Rosie just woke up sick and my wife needs me to pick up some medicine for her,” the guard informs you. “Jake will be here in an hour. Can I trust you to keep an eye on the stuff here?”

You look down at your watch. An hour, in the middle of the night, left alone with the valuable artifacts. “Of course you can trust me, Randy.” A sly smile darts across your face, and you rub your lips to hide it.

“Okay, thanks. I set up some of the alarms so be aware.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful,” you assure him. There’s that smile again.

You hear the guard leave out the front door and lock it behind him. As soon as you know you’re alone in the Museum of Legends, you take the research notes off your desk and go into the room where the museum keeps the artifacts.

The museum hasn’t been paying you well. They seem to prioritize investing in displays more than their staff. And honestly, if it were just about the money you would stick through it. After all, you didn’t go into archeology to own a private jet. But at a minimum, you want to be appreciated by your boss. And that isn't happening.

On top of that, these artifacts are too much to pass up. You walk through the doors into the staging room and start inspecting the relics. You look at the golden chalice and compare it to the notes you printed off about the Holy Grail. The description matches perfectly. You inspect it without touching it. This could bring someone back to life. At least that’s what the legends say, You think to yourself.

You move on to the next artifact. It’s locked up safely so that visitors can’t touch it. Probably for the best, it’s a treasure from the bottom of the sea. Not something a pirate carried off. No, it’s far more valuable than that. It’s an ancient rune from the lost city of Atlantis. It's the best evidence that the mythical town existed in the first place. Scholars have been fighting over the artifact for years. The Museum of Legends got a hold of it, but not for long.

You move on to the next and possibly most exciting artifact. A cube with hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt. You scan the few notes you have on it. There wasn't much to be found. The small sandy box doesn't have a name, but it has a legend. That's why it's here after all.

Your notes say the cube came from an ancient pharaoh's coffin. Then it was stolen by some tomb raiders in the early 19th century. Archeologists mysteriously recovered it after the last owner went mad with knowledge. The Egyptians knew a lot about math, science, and architecture and this cube has the mystical powers that bestowed them with this knowledge and more.

You looked around the room. It's filled with numerous priceless legends. Anyone of them would make you a fortune on the black market. Some would even bring you fame and prestige. You look at your watch. Only an hour until the next guard gets back, you think, I better get to work. But the question in your mind isn't how many to steal. All you're wondering is: Which one are you going to start with?

Come to Rockwall Escape Rooms to Escape the Ordinary. Lay your hands on the priceless treasures in the Museum Of Legends.
Can you beat the clock, evade the authorities, and escape with the valuable artifacts?
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