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New Year, New Rooms!

Rockwall Escape Rooms - Friday, January 13, 2017

Thank you to all of you for making 2016 an amazing first year at Rockwall Escape Rooms! We are so blessed by the support the community has shown us and have enjoyed getting to meet you all! We look forward to 2017 and the exciting new rooms we have planned! We have three new rooms: Pharaoh’s Revenge open now, Dinner for Two opening up next weekend, The Price is Right in a few weeks.

The first of the three new rooms-Pharaoh’s Revenge- is open NOW and ready for you and up to 5 teammates to explore! Your group is challenged with the task of exploring the tomb of an unnamed Pharaoh to unveil his mysterious identity. Previous architect, Montana James, has left his tools and notes to help guide you along the way. But you must hurry, the Egyptian gods and the mysterious Pharaoh aren’t happy you have invaded the tomb and will unleash their wrath in one hour from your arrival! Book online now to try your luck in Pharaoh’s Revenge! www.rockwallescaperooms.com

Our second room, which will be open to the public next weekend, January 21st, is deliciously titled, Dinner for Two. As a team, you have stumbled into a private room at the restaurant, The Sweet Escape. This room has obviously been set up for a couple’s romantic dinner where a very special question is about to be proposed. But our question is, can you escape the room before their reservation starts in one hour? If you don’t escape, the romantic atmosphere is ruined. This room is perfect for a unique date or double date night (MEN: VALENTINE’S DAY IN ONE MONTH!). While you are attempting to escape Dinner for Two, Rockwall Escape Rooms is not serving you food or dinner for two…But with advance notice, we can provide dinner or you can purchase a delicious meal replacement shake from our kitchen to add to your sweet escape!

If you have not played Orion, book now before it’s replaced with our third new room, The Price is Right, in a few short weeks. As a die-hard game show and Bob Barker fan, you are a little bitter that you weren’t selected to be a contestant on the show. Like a true, overly obsessed fan, you snuck backstage….but, apparently, you aren’t the only ones who hold a grudge. As you finally get your turn to play some of the famous games, you stumble upon a bomb meant for Mr. Barker. It’s up to you to save his life and allow him to Carey on his legacy as the most beloved game show host.

As always you can book online. If you want to customize any event, you can call, email, or Facebook us! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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