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The Hustle

Rockwall Escape Rooms - Thursday, August 24, 2017

Saturday, July 15th:
I'm on a roll! I'm on a roll! I've won nine straight games of dominos, and no one can stop me!! I made an enormous wad of cash hustling at the casino tonight and the money I didn't spend to celebrate I've used on a new horse, no more walking around the town for me!

Saturday, July 22nd:
I don't know what happened tonight. I was playing a game of pool against Vinny, my old rival and he beat me! I've never lost to him before. The strangest thing happened. I sunk my last stripe while Vinny still had three balls left on the table. I called the eight ball and missed. "No sweat," I think knowing I would get it next time. Then Vinny proceeded to make the next three shots flawlessly. The next thing he did was call the eight, and it went into the corner pocket, and I lost.
I've never known Vinny to be a lucky man or even a good pool player for that matter, that's why he's my rival. I have a feeling something's up. I haven't lost like this in months. I owe The Boss a few hundred dollars, despite my big win last week. I know I will be able to pay him back when I win next weekend, though.

Saturday, July 29th:
I lost a big game of poker tonight. I went all in on a hand that I should have had in the bag. In my hand was a pair of kings on the table one was showing. The second to last card came out, and it was another king. I went all in, thinking "How could I lose?" Filippo, the only other player remaining, called my bet. I figured he was a fool. T
hen he revealed two aces from his hand. I scoffed, "What are the chances the last card will be an ace?" I asked myself.
The dealer pulled the top card off the deck to show it, and it was the ace of spades.
I don't know if I was stupid or Filipo was lucky. Either way, I'm in the hole big time now. The Boss slashed the tires on my new car with his own ace of spades, so I'm back to walking. If I hustle I know I can still win my money back.

Saturday, August 5th:
Tonight I figured it all out! I'm about to drag it out into the open too. I was playing bingo, and not a single one of my squares got called suspicious right? I could blame it on luck, but that would mean I lost my last hundred bucks to chance. I don't buy it, "The Rat is lucky," is what I always tell myself. I've felt like there's been something up all month, so I started to dig to the bottom of it.
Snooping around the casino afterward, I found the game and dug through all the little wooden bingo balls. I sorted through them, and I couldn't find a single number that belonged to my board.
I confronted Ricky who's in charge of the accounts, and he gave me the "What For." I threatened to go to the Sheriff, and he said if I did his books would point to me as the main suspect. Can you believe his nerve? I don't know how I'm going to get out of this mess.

Saturday, August 12th:
I set the wheels in motion. They're rolling down the long hill. I blew the whistle on the casino. I lost a game of chess, I don't even know how they rigged it, but the game was over in the blink of an eye! I was fed up and threw my king across the room when Antonio checkmated me.
Ricky sat in the corner of the dark game room laughing. My debt is unplayable now! Especially if I'm never to win another game again.
So I told the Sheriff, I'm bringing them all down with me. First I sent my friends in, faces that Ricky and The Boss have never seen before. I'm going to have them play the games and cook the books like mama's marinara sauce before the law shows up. But they're going to have to hustle because the Sheriff and his posse will be there soon. I set up a few stalls for the Sheriff. I hope it gives my gang enough time to clear my name, and theirs. Either way, the casino is going down for cheating me. Cheers Ricky, you shouldn't have messed with this Rat and his Cheddar!

Written by: Nicholas Licalsi

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