#Escape the Ordinary

We want to share our thoughts along this journey as we #EscapeTheOrdinary, meet some amazing people, and enjoy life at Rockwall Escape Rooms.

The Thrill of Escaping

Rockwall Escape Rooms - Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Thrill of Escaping.

Rockwall Escape Rooms takes pride in being a family-friendly environment where people of all ages and generations can come together to #EscapeTheOrdinary. Even before we usher groups to their rooms and start the countdown clock, we see the jitters set in. The escape artists are so anxious to get started, even though they have no idea about what they are about to do! Plus, knowing that they only have one hour to solve all the clues and riddles only adds to the adrenaline rush! We’ve had some people handle the trill by giggling, jumping, or shaking. As soon as the time starts, they are off and ready to escape! As they search the rooms and put the pieces together, we get to hear their cheers of excitement as another lock is unlocked. Even as they are escaping the room, the thrill continues as they celebrate their victory with their teammates. Sometimes, the thrill doesn’t even stop there…they celebrate with a delicious Cherry Mogul frozen treat we sell and wait until the next room becomes available for their escape attempt! The thrill of escaping is addicting!

Many of the escape rooms in the big cities have some sort of scary elements, whether the scenario is scary, or you have a zombie in your room with you. My family believes that Jesus Christ came to this earth thousands of years ago to relinquish us from fears and evils of this world with love and peace. However, we have talked about adding some eerie elements to our rooms for the extra ambitious thrill seekers in our community- but only by request! Well, last night was the night- we had our first group requesting to be scared! We didn’t use ghosts, demons, or anything like that….but, we got creative, taking advantage of the extra doors, windows. With flashlights and the perfect timing …mischief was managed in Professor Albus’s study, our room called, Orion.

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