Frequently Asked Questions

An escape room is a room filled with hidden clues and puzzles that will lead to a key or code that will lead the way out of a room that your group has been locked in. Each room is centered around a theme and is a great way for friends and family to have fun together. An escape room needs all types of personalities and think perspectives to be a success!

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We ask that all cell phones and personal items are stored in lockers we provide for you. If you need your phone on you in case of emergency, then let our staff know.

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We want to make sure all our patrons are comfortable at Rockwall Escape Rooms. The door that you enter in will remain unlocked at all times...there is another locked exit that you will escape from.

last updated: 12-May-2016 07:00 PM

We ask that no one plays the same room twice. This allows all members of the group the same opportunity to explore every aspect of the game and to make their escape fairly.

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We will change out our rooms at least every 3 months to make sure we can keep our community entertained all year! So make sure you book now before the room is gone!

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  1. 1. Click on the date, time, and room that you would like to play.

  2. 2. Choose "new booking" and how many people that you will be paying for at that time.

    • – Up to 8 people can play one room during each time slot.

    • – If a group smaller than 8 people has already booked a room, the remainder of the spots can still be booked by another group.

    • – If you have 8 players, it is cheaper to book a private room. If you only want your group to play together with no other parties, then you will need to book a private room.

  3. 3. If you have a discount code, enter that code in for each person, if applicable.

  4. 4. Enter in your info and click "Complete Booking."

  5. 5. You should get a confirmation email soon!

If you are booking outside business hours, please contact our staff via our Contact page or call us at 469.769.1300 to book a time.

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Our rooms are perfect for up to 8 players! Our 2 current rooms will be difficult with only 2 players. We are currently working on a room for 2 or 3 players!

last updated: 12-May-2016 07:00 PM

Monday - Thursday: $25/player
Friday- Sunday: $27/player

We offer a private room option to guarantee your group is the only group to play at that time. These prices are:
$200 for the 8 player scenarios
$150 for the 6 player scenarios

Make sure to follow our Facebook page and events tab for monthly discounts!

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The monitors in the room have a countdown on the screen at all times. Your group has one hour, so you will always know how many minutes are left in your escape.

last updated: 12-May-2016 07:02 PM

Rockwall Escape Rooms is a family friendly activity that is great for groups that include elementary kids and up! However, if your group does what some thrill, let the staff know when you book and we will customize your escape for you!

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Active/Former Military, First Responders and Teachers Discount. Contact us via email or Facebook for a discount. 

Also, check out our Events page for monthly celebrations and discounts!


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We give your group 3 free "hints." If you get stumped, you can ring a wireless door bell that signals the staff to let them know you need a clue. Our GameMasters are watching your group through baby monitors and security cameras so we know exactly what information will help you! Each room has a monitor screen on the wall that the clue will appear on.

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We do not allow cancellations or refunds. If you know that your group will not be able to make a previously booked time, please let us know with 24 hour advanced notice and we will do our best to reschedule your event with no additional charge. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or call (469) 769-1300

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We ask that you arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled play time. During this time, we will go over the scenario as well as any additional questions you may have. At the end of your escape, or the 60 minutes your group will get to pose for a photo with signs and props. The picture we take will be posted to our Facebook page by the end of that day.

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We would love to make any event special for your family! We have concessions available for purchase if you want to hang out after you play! We also have a party room available if you want to celebrate a special event! Let us know what you want and we can make it happen! We also work with corporate businesses to do team building!

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