Our Escape Rooms

These rooms will only be around for a little while.
Then they are gone forever and will be replaced. Experience them NOW.

Unsinkable Unsinkable

"This Room will Embark on April 10th"

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A wealthy survivor of the R.M.S. Titanic has created a beautiful golden replica of the ship to gift his rescuer. However, as the war outside his home forces him to leave with just the clothes on his back, he hides the statue somewhere in his city. He has left instructions for you to locate and uncover the replica and send it to his savior.

Museum of Legends Museum of Legends

"Stories Through Out the Centuries: Will your escape become one of legends?"

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You are the curator for the Museum of Legends and are working hard to get the newest wing, Stories Through Out the Centuries, ready for display. All the security staff has gone home for the night, which gives you the perfect opportunity to "work late" and steal some of the precious valuables from the exhibits. But you better be sneaky, if you accidentally trip the alarm, law enforcement will arrive in less than one hour to make their arrest!

The Rockwall Rooms The Rockwall Rooms

"The Rock Wall isn't the only mystery in our town's history!"

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History Class Agenda:

-Read your reports on Rockwall County history
-Learn about a murder in Rockwall’s history
-Time Travel
-Help solve the murder
-Escape the 1800s before the school is locked up