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These rooms will only be around for a little while.
Then they are gone forever and will be replaced. Experience them NOW.

The Hustle - <small><em>New Room!</em></small> The Hustle - New Room!

"Sheriffs vs. Gamblers"

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Back in the olden days of Bennett, Texas, a bookie was hustling the gamblers in his illegal gambling ring by rigging the games. Unfortunately, you were not chosen as one of the winners. To get revenge, you ratted out the bookie to the sheriff. Before the Sheriff raids the gambling ring, you need to pay off your past losses and debts so you don't get arrested, too. But you better hustle, the Sheriff will be here in one hour or less!

When you book your bet on escaping The Hustle, you have the option of playing as the Sheriffs (up to 6 players) or as the Gamblers (up to 6 players). If you are up for some competition, you can split your group into the 2 different rooms and characters. Unless you book the private room option, other players may potentially book as either character to fill any remaining spots.

Anastasia's Escape Anastasia's Escape

"The Empress has hired you to help her find her granddaughter's potential escape route from the palace."

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It's been a year since the Russian Revolution has ended, and rumor has it that the Grand Duchess Anastasia has escaped the rebel's attack on her royal family. You are accompanying Anastasia's grandmother in her search for the rumored, mysterious escape route that Anastasia might have taken out of the palace using clues found in Anastasia's journal. But, the rebels have heard another member of the royal family is at the Romanov palace and will be there in one hour to finish their mission of ending the Romanov dynasty.

If the Price is Right If the Price is Right

"The classic TV game show comes to life at Rockwall Escape Rooms."

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After the show, you snuck backstage to play some of the games, but you've gotten yourself locked in...If you can master all the games, and if The Price is Right, the secret door will open and you will ESCAPE!