Our Staff



"Hello Escape Artists!! My name is Mariah Gallagher, I got involved with Rockwall Escape Rooms through meeting my awesome bosses at our prior place of work. I've known Garret and Jenna for almost a year and I love working with them and getting to start up this new business. The Escape Rooms make me excited because I get to have fun at work and watch people try to escape a room! Watching and listening to how people's brains work to escape the rooms is quite the experience."



"When Garret and Jenna asked if I would be interested in working at Rockwall Escape Rooms, I wasn't exactly sure what it was or what I would be doing, but figured it couldn't hurt to check it out. I am glad I did. Rockwall Escape Rooms is unlike any other place I've worked before. It is a fun environment, and one where I feel am participating in the fun along with the "escapees" to find a way out of the rooms. I am excited to see what comes next for Rockwall Escape Rooms, as one of the most enjoyable and unique forms of entertainment in the area."